Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development
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..: Vision & Mission

SuRF Vision

SuRF vision is to see Pakistan, as a nation, providing equal opportunities to all irrespective of their faith, ethnic or linguistic affiliation, gender, orientation or colour.

SuRF Mission is to:


  • Strive for policies and actions which result in equal access to health for all;
  • Advocate, support and ensure participatory involvement of all communities in national development through free and unhampered political choice, right to education and professional and personal development;
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for all kinds of institutional, gender based or individual violence;
  • Support policies and actions that foster private and public partnership for sustainable national development;
  • Ensure full participation of women, children and elderly citizens to take charge of their lives;
  • Encourage bilateral and multilateral institutions, organisations, national and international partners to get involved in development of Pakistan in a symbiotic manner that retains national integrity.