Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development
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SuRF, registered under the 1860 Societies Act in December 2001, has the mandate to operate all over Pakistan.

SuRF has a governed by Board of Directors with its President / Chief Executive Officer also being a member of Board of Directors. A member of SuRF Board of Directors is not entitled to any monthly salary. However, owing to a wealth of technical expertise, the members of Board of Directors can provide paid advice as Consultants to SuRF for its NGO and consulting divisions.

During the past 13 years, SuRF has completed a number of projects that have made significant contribution to improve the lives of women and children, enhanced citizens’ involvement in accountability, transparency and helped them demand an efficient, on time and sustainable social services delivery.

SuRF aims at a judicious and cost-effective use of its resources and has transparent and merit-based system for its operations.
SuRF encourages national and international collaboration with governments, NGOs, international and regional NGOs, donors and is totally committed to guarantee freedom of belief, sexual orientation, right to a job or an economic activity, universal primary education, health for all and is fully alive to rule of law, access to justice and equal opportunities for all citizens.