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..: Breaking News

SuRF plans to hold the first International Congress on HIV and AIDS Response in Muslim Majority Countries (ICAMMC) in spring of 2016 in Lahore. The first Congress Call would be out soon after the ICAMMC website is in cyberspace. ICAAMC would the a serious attempt to launch an articulated and comprehensive call for MMCs  to gather on a platform and share their experiences from South Asia, West Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and MENA. ICAMMC would represent a population of more than a billion Muslims living in 54 countries in different continents.

ICAMMC plans to become a permanent voice of HIV and AIDS response in MMCs that would be heard every two years. It would represent all aspects of public health that have a bearing on HIV disease and response including linkages between HIV and AIDS, family planning, sexual and gender based violence (GBV) against women, TB, hepatitis C and STIs. Of course, AIDS activists from all over the world would be welcome to actively participate in ICAMMC.

Keep watching for developments in this regard!!!!!!