Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development
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..: Profile & History

Sustainable Resource Foundation (SuRF) consulting ventures began in early 1990s in family planning communication. Later, SuRF got involved into providing technical advice to governments, NGOs and donors on governance issues in service delivery. SuRF evolved into a formal consulting entity during the last quarter of 1997. During the past 17 years, SuRF has satisfactorily completed a number of assignments. Details of a few completed assignments are provided in this space.

Thus, the idea behind founding SuRF was to look for an efficient and "involve-all" solution that made both the donors and GoP more active, and provided opportunities to the people and the target population in specific to involve themselves into a development paradigm based on appreciative community planning, community auto-diagnosis, participatory actions and a development frame-work that made an efficient use of available resources.